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As an agent for ReMax Professionals North with almost a decade of experience, Jeff’s main focus is on residential properties and cottages in southern Muskoka, most specifically Gravenhurst, Bracebridge, Huntsville, Port Sydney, Lake of Bays, and Baysville.

Jeff has the utmost respect for the importance of an agent’s deep understanding of the areas they serve. When approached by clients interested in properties outside his knowledgeable area, Jeff will take the time to connect them with a quality realtor in the region.

Our Communities

With our crystal-clear waterways, breathtaking scenery, and small-town community charm, it’s not hard to understand why so many people want to settle down or own a seasonal property in Muskoka/Lake of Bays. In fact, there’s so much to see and do here, from year-round outdoor adventure to arts and craft festivals to farmers’ markets, that it can be overwhelming. You want to find the right home in the right community for you and your family, but where do you begin? As someone who was born and raised in Muskoka, I would be happy to show you around, and I’ll do my best to help you navigate the many aspects of the region as they relate to your personal wish-list.


Gravenhurst is a town in the Muskoka Region of Ontario. The Town of Gravenhurst includes a large area of the District of Muskoka, known to Ontarians as “cottage country.” The town centre borders on two lakes: Lake Muskoka, which is the largest lake in the region, and Gull Lake, a smaller cottage-bordered lake. Another lake, Kahshe Lake, is situated 10 kilometres south of the town.

Gravenhurst also declares itself the “Gateway to the Muskoka Lakes” and has a large gate bearing this message hanging over Muskoka District Road 169, the main road leading into town from Highway 11. The gate had been removed but was rebuilt in 2009 and stands again at the south end of town. It is the home port of the RMS Segwun, the oldest vessel powered by a working steam engine in North America.

The nearby Muskoka Airport has scheduled flights to Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport and also serves general aviation.


Bracebridge is a town and the seat of the Muskoka District Municipality.

The town was built around a waterfall on the Muskoka River in the centre of town, and is known for its other nearby waterfalls (Wilson’s Falls, High Falls, etc.). It was first incorporated in 1875. 

Bracebridge is immediately adjacent to Highway 11, a major provincial highway that connects the community to Greater Toronto in under 2 hours, as well as to markets in Northern Ontario. Muskoka Airport, which serves general aviation and scheduled flights from Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, is located 5 km south of Bracebridge.


Huntsville is the largest town in the Muskoka Region of Ontario, Canada. It is located 215 kilometres north of Toronto and 130 kilometres south of North Bay.

Huntsville is located in the hilly terrain of the Canadian Shield and is dotted with many lakes. Due to its natural environment and natural resources, Huntsville is a tourist destination drawing people from around the world.The Toronto Star ranked the town the #1 place to take a summer trip in 2011. 

Huntsville serves as the western gateway to Algonquin Provincial Park via Ontario Highway 60, and was host to the 36th G8 summit in June 2010, at Deerhurst Resort.

Port Sydney

Historic Port Sydney is a growing community located some 12 km south of Huntsville on Highway 11. This picturesque town is situated on the shores of beautiful Mary Lake and the upper North Muskoka River. Visitors are attracted by the unspoiled scenery, the beach, the boating, the fishing, the golf, the biking, the fall colours, the local history, and the historic homes and churches. 

Port Carling

Port Carling is an unincorporated community in the Township of Muskoka Lakes in the Canadian province of Ontario. It has been the municipal seat of the township since 1971. It has several hundred year-round residents and is a service centre for thousands of other seasonal residents. 

Port Carling is located on the Indian River and owes its importance to its key position on the water routes of the area. A set of locks joins Lake Muskoka and Lake Rosseau, so much boat and ship traffic in the township passes through, hence its nickname Hub of the Lakes.

The community is directly located on the two-lane Muskoka Road 118, and improvements to Highway 69 now link it to the controlled-access freeway Highway 400 and the sometimes divided Highway 11. This has greatly facilitated its increasing role as a tourist destination from Toronto.


Bala is a compact rural community in the township municipality of Muskoka Lakes, District Municipality of Muskoka in Central Ontario, Canada. It is well-known for the Bala Falls, the source of the Moon River, where that river drains Lake Muskoka.

It is considered one of the hubs of cottage country located north of Toronto. Thus, its year-round population of several hundred is increased by thousands of seasonal residents and weekend day-trippers during summer months. It is known as the Cranberry Capital of Ontario, as the province’s largest cranberry farms, Johnston’s Cranberry Marsh and Former: Wahta Iroquis Growers (closed in 2017), are located nearby. It was once the smallest incorporated town in Canada until it was amalgamated into Muskoka Lakes Township. 

Severn Bridge

Severn Bridge is a small community in the Town of Gravenhurst, of the District of Muskoka in the province of Ontario, Canada. It is located approximately 160 kilometres north of Toronto, on the Severn River, roughly halfway between Orillia and Gravenhurst. It was founded in the nineteenth century. The village is served by important road, rail, water links and its postal services and rural route are handled in Washago, Ontario. 


Lake Muskoka is located between Port Carling and Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada. The lake is surrounded by many cottages. The lake is primarily within the boundary of the Township of Muskoka Lakes, the southeast corner is within the boundary of the Town of Gravenhurst and another small portion around the mouth of the Muskoka River is within the boundary of the Town of Bracebridge. The town of Bala is located on the southwest shores of the lake, where the Moon River starts. Lake Muskoka is connected to Lake Rosseau through the Indian River and lock system at Port Carling. The lake is mainly fed by the Muskoka River, Lake Joseph and Lake Rosseau. 

Lake Rosseau

The lake is surrounded by many cottages, some dating back to the late 19th century. The south end of the lake is in the Township of Muskoka Lakes, and the north end is in Seguin Township. Lake Rosseau is connected to Lake Joseph through the narrows at Port Sandfield and the Joseph River. The lake is also connected to Lake Muskoka by the Indian River and the lock system at Port Carling. The village of Rosseau is located at the northern tip of Lake Rosseau and is the location of one of the original Ontario summer resorts which brought exposure to the area. Pratts Point and Rosseau House were well known and although the hotel was destroyed long ago, the vista and scenery remain. Windermere House is a resort located at Lake Rosseau. Many notable people have owned cottages on the lake. The President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson (1913–1921), frequently holidayed on Lake Rosseau, and eventually bought Formosa Island. There is a curious story that in 1914 he signed the register of the Bala Bay Inn after the outbreak of World War I; however, there is no official record of the president being in Canada at that time.

Lake Joseph

Lake Joseph is located in Seguin Township, Ontario. The lake is surrounded by many cottages. Lake Joseph is connected to Lake Rosseau through the narrows at Port Sandfield and the Joseph River.

Lake Of Bays

Lake of Bays is a large lake in the District Municipality of Muskoka in Central Ontario, Canada. It is located almost entirely in the Township municipality of Lake of Bays, which is named after the lake, with the exception of the southwest arm of the lake which is in the Town of Huntsville. Ontario Highway 35 runs north and east of the lake. 

Port Cunnington is a community established on a peninsula reaching out deep inside the lake. Other settlements on the lake shore include Dwight, South Portage, Baysville and Dorset.

Kahshe Lake is a lake situated in the Muskoka region in Ontario, Canada (just south of the town of Gravenhurst). It is one of the main cottaging lakes in the region and is the fourth largest of these lakes by area. There are approximately 600 on the lake. 

Mary Lake is a lake located in Muskoka District in Ontario, Canada. The town of Port Sydney is located at its southern end.

Morrison Lake is a lake of Ontario, Canada. There is also a Wetland Conservation Reserve located on the west of the lake. It is a rather large lake with a number of islands within, amongst these is Mile Island, Sims Island, Bell Island and Grainger Island.

The Muskoka River is a river in the Muskoka District of Ontario, Canada. It rises in the highlands of Algonquin Park and flows southwest through a number of lakes including Lake Muskoka Lake Joseph Lake Rosseau Lake of Bays which empty into Georgian Bay south of Parry Sound by way of the Moon and Musquash Rivers.

Sparrow Lake is a lake in the Great Lakes Basin in Central Ontario, Canada. It is situated north-west of the town of Orillia and south of the town of Gravenhurst, Ontario and approximately 150 kilometres and a 1.5 hour drive north of the Greater Toronto Area. Sparrow Lake is the most southerly lake in the popular Muskoka tourist region.

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